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Hello reader! We have personally seen the remarkable growth and popularity of Pilates over the last 30 years and are not even surprised. Why? Because, everyone who tries Pilates, LOVES Pilates. From those who are newcomers to exercise to the hard core veterans of years of committed working out.

We have worked for years with the very fit, the newbies or even, injured, and everyone in between. And, we promise you we have the perfect fit for you, too. We custom fit our programs to meet your needs and we work with dedication to "get you there" as quickly as we can. Give us a call. We love sharing this work and would be glad to answer any of your questions or concerns or satisfy your curiosity.

Feel free to browse through our pages. Chances are you'll see what you are looking for, or e-mail and call us. We make sure you'll be glad you did. Our prices are reasonable, we charge less than many and provide more both in experience and customized quality service.

Want to get fit?

Burn off that excess fat?

Get strong again?

Get lean and mean?

Want to feel like a million?

We have just the right instructors and doctors to get you there! Come and see for yourself.


  Pilates is the time proven, all-in-one, means for getting a toned, lean, fit, strong body and as way to improve your co-ordination and improve posture for a younger, more dynamic you.  

As you already know, the function of our skeletal system, how it works and moves, and it’s posture is very, very, very important. Our entire weight hangs on this framework.

Our skeletal posture directly affects our digestive, respiratory, circulatory and muscular-skeletal systems for better or worse. When our body is positioned correctly there is no strain on our muscles, ligaments, bones, and joints, our internal organs are supported not compressed, blood vessels are free not restricted, our nerves are healthy not irritated.

This allows your body to function at it's best and so, we work well and feel good. On the other hand, incorrect posture causes major stress.

For example, something as common as carrying our head forward, in front of our shoulders, instead of centered between our shoulders, adds 10 to 36 lbs of extra leverage weight to our neck and spine.

It’s easy to imagine how this would contribute to a number of dysfunctions in our spine, nerve and muscle system such as soreness, discomfort and pain, tension, limited movement, arthritis, degenerative changes, nerve irritation, disc, muscle and ligament injury, unnatural changes in bone and soft tissue, development of bone spurs, scar tissue formation, delayed healing from injury.

Look around and you will see that the posture of most adults and many teens is collapsed.

Postural Collapse or Prolapse is the condition where our muscles and bones are so out of balance and shape that it is no longer easy to return to our original balanced state. We are literally "bent out of shape." Balanced posture is crucial to prevent things from going dramatically wrong. Balanced posture is required in order to use our muscles and bones with co-ordination and "team-effort." This allows the workload and burden to be distributed evenly throughout our body. No single area struggles with the brunt of the load. This prevents strain, injury and secures our health and fitness.

Establishing good form and posture is a challenge. Figuring out how to reorganize our 206 bones and 600 muscles in our body properly and to recover good posture and movement is difficult but very rewarding. To accomplish it by oneself is virtually impossible. Unfortunately, we can't expect much improvement if we just exercise for half an hour then sit, stand and move out of good posture for the rest of the day. There is a science to successfully obtain or recover balanced posture.

How can I recover good posture?

You must be taught how to stop locking and jamming your muscles and joints and balance your posture continuously to maintain or improve the shape, fitness and function of your body. You need a plan, a specific effective system and the support to follow it. When you train with a specialist, postural and fitness recovery becomes a feasible, reachable goal.

Can't I just do it by myself?

Because we tend to sit and move in habitual patterns, without the support and training of a professional we will continue to sit, stand and move in the same ways we did before. This renews the stress pattern, tension, and imbalance and facilitates injury, damage and deformation of nerve, muscle, soft tissue and bone.

We all have the intention or desire to improve our posture but it takes more!

Poor posture is a tough habit that cannot be broken alone. It requires outside help. Just like you can’t give yourself a good back, shoulder and neck massage and work out the "kinks". You simply can't reach. You need to relax and let someone to do it for you. Considerable muscular changes have to take place for good posture to be recovered. These changes occur through Pilates training with a skilled professional. Eventually, the postural correction becomes "part of you" and what a joy that is!

We specialize in time proven effective systems such as...

Pilates training, assisted stretching; strengthening and balance exercises; comprehensive nutritional analysis and weight management, and neuro-muscular re-education to promote healthy ligaments, joints, muscles, bones, and nerves.

Pilates students who train with Joseph A. Vargas Ph.D. learn back health care, effective posture and body mechanics for daily living and working and help them develop strength and fitness. They develop greater awareness and voluntary control over their bodies and their movement. They become stronger, more coordinated and more limber.

You, too, can achieve increased fitness, awareness, ease, strength and control through supervised training and practice. Through exercises specifically designed to help your particular needs you can gently and effectively increase the range of motion and flexibility of the spine, relieve your tension and stress, strengthen and lengthen your muscles, create balance and slowly yet surely provide the optimum posture you need and deserve.

You can feel better, even better than ever!


Regular cost for Pilates training sessions

One-on-One:  $75          One-on-Two:  $50 per student       Group: $35 per student  

(Psst: We will be happy to show you how you can save, save, save on these excellent programs.)

Specialized Private Session: Comprehensive Nutritional Analysis, Customized Pilates with Neuro-Muscular evaluation and training and fat loss consultation, education and management. ACU-GRAPH needless acupunture measurement, assessment and training in self-care. Series includes regular monitoring of body fat and muscle assessment, hydration testing, bone mass calculation abdominal body fat testing, metabolic rate, caloric rate and metabolic age.


Acupuncture Meridian testing and balancing, Iridological Evaluation , Heart Coherence Test,  Structural Assessment and Corrective Exercise determination and training, Emotional Stress Test and Thought Energy Balancing, Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Analysis Report, Gastrointestinal Function Analysis Report, Liver Function Analysis Report, Gallbladder Function, Analysis Report, Pancreatic Function, Kidney Function, Lung Function, Brain Nerve Function, Bone Disease, Bone Mineral Density, Rheumatoid bone Disease, Blood Sugar, Basic physical quality, Human Toxin, Trace Element, Prostate Function, Male Sexual Function Or Gynecology function, Skin Function $1250... a 50% off courtesy discount is available to our long term Pilates students

Ask how you can apply for our discounts:

One-on-One:  $65

One-on-Two:  $45 per student

Group: $25 per student

Specialized One-on-One Exam, Training, Comprehensive Nutritional and Energy (Acupuncture) Analysis: $625 (50% off)

Students qualify for discounts via advance

payment for a minimum of 8 classes per month.

Private, Semi-private and Group Classes are paid upfront at the beginning of each month. You can initiate your start up classes at anytime of the month.

These fees reserve your class time.

Our service is offered on a retainer basis.

If you need to cancel or reschedule class, we ask that you let us know 48 hours prior to your session.

We reserve your time slot. We close the space and reserve it for you at the time you have selected. You will not be "bumped" by another student.

Note: Should another time become more convenient for you. We can always work things out in advance.

WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECKS and CREDIT CARDS (with an extra 10% charge)

Please read if you taking One-on-One or One-on-Two sessions

Should you need to miss a session we will always try to find a replacement student for you for that day and so keep you from being responsible for that payment. Often your partner student will want to make that session a private session in which case you are not liable for the session you miss either. Otherwise, the attending student gets to take her class as a "one on one" for the price of the "two on one" and you pay your usual fee. (This is always great for the attending student and a bit of a loss for the absent student but it always works out in the end and helps keeps you faithful to your practice.) However, remember we do try to find a sub for you if you can't make it and do try to save you money.

If we missed anything be sure to write us if you have any questions.


Thank you. We look forward to serving you,

Be well, be joyful and be prosperous!

Group classes are organized in units of 3 to 6 students. The experience levels of your co-students may vary from  novice to experienced. But, no worries, you will be following your own workout, at your own pace, with no presure to complete a particular number of exercises. You will surely love your workouts.

For your benefit if you have very little or no experience in Pilates, you will be required to take a number of individually supervised lessons, depending on your other fitness skills, to help you get familiarized with the equipment and the names of the exercises. This will help us specifically attend your particular needs and customize and personalize your workout. This will greatly serve you to advance in your ability and form and receive the best possible benefits possible. We are deeply committed to your getting the most out of your investment of time and money in your wellness and fitness through Pilates and our other services.

Note: Many students like to begin with a friend versus doing privates. We welcome you to make this choice and start with semi-private (one-on-two) training should you like to train with a partner and/or share the costs. Bring your friend, partner or family member.

One-on-one and two-on-one sessions are available morning through evening by special arrangement.

The Exercises: Pilates and yoga share similar goals, with both systems believing in individual progress in a non-competitive arena, with emphasis on stretching as well as strengthening of muscles. However, the Pilates system works the body as a whole, coordinating the upper and lower musculature with the body’s center. This dramatically improves strength, flexibility, posture and coordination.

The Equipment: The most popular exercise repertoire in the world is the floor matwork, which, due to its accessibility, is found in health clubs, leisure centers or church halls. However, a fully equipped Pilates studio would have other spring and gravity based resistance equipment such as Reformers, Circles, Cadillac/Trapeze Tables, Wunda Chairs, Barrels, Ladder Barrels and other props. The most common piece of equipment in any Pilates studio is the "Reformer"(a moveable carriage for pushing and pulling). Invented in the 1940’s by Joseph Pilates, the older style reformers, traditionally used springs as resistance. However, manufacturers over recent years have introduced many innovations such as lightweight and modern materials, adjustability, and gravity resistance. This has lead to the Reformers being the most popular piece of Pilates equipment throughout the world today.

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